Types of Blushes and Their Characteristics

Types of blushes and their characteristics: Do you love makeup? You will surely know that blush, rouge or “blush” is an indispensable part of your routine. We tell you about its varieties and uses.

At the time of putting on makeup, there is a product that does not compete with the others due to its versatility and importance. If we do not have a complete makeup kit at hand, blush can get us out of trouble because it has the effect of changing the expression of the face making it look more vital . We tell you, then, what are the types of blushes that exist, their characteristics and how to use them.

Blush, also known as rouge or blush , can add volume or contour to the face. Also, in an emergency, it can be used as an eyeshadow and even to color the lips.

Types of blushes and their characteristics: On the other hand, it offers the possibility of creating a fresh look , giving the appearance of good health . In fact, its name comes from the expression “to blush”, which can be the result of many emotions.

For the 1920s, blush or blush came to stay as part of daily makeup. Initially, they tended to be shades of pink, resembling natural skin colors. Later , around the 1950s, came earth tones.

The most common types of blushes

Types of blushes and their characteristics: The technique of applying the blush, in all cases, is to put it on the cheeks with soft circles in the cheek area. The exact place where it should be placed depends on the effect you want to achieve and the type of face you have. However, it usually follows the line of the cheekbones or on the apples that form on the face when smiling .

In the market there is a variety of blushes for all skin types and in different presentations: powder, stick, cream, liquid and ink. The important thing is to find the appropriate one for each complexion , as well as read the instructions and recommendations to have excellent results.

Next we will tell you about the different types and shades of blush and their characteristics.

1. Powder blush

Types of blushes and their characteristics: This is the most popular presentation and one of the most durable on the skin. It is usually found in compact powder, however, it also exists in loose powder. In fact, it is a universal and basic product that will always work well and that does not have any major complications in its application.

Also, it can be purchased in matte or satin presentation. In relation to this, it must be taken into account that for mature skin the first tone is recommended, while youthful skin should opt for satin. The matte effect can also be better for everyday makeup , because it’s more natural and not as flashy.

Types of blushes and their characteristics: For the application of powder blush or blush, it is recommended to choose a soft and thick brush of medium to large size. 

After dipping the brush into the powder, you can place it on your cheekbone and slide it down to your hairline, right at ear level. In this way, you will highlight the features by providing contour and symmetry. Also, if you have a longer and thinner face, you can smile and apply it in circles on the apples  that form below the cheekbones.

Types of blushes and their characteristics: When applying makeup, if we do not have specific products for contouring, the combination of blushes from light to dark can be very useful to provide symmetry to the face. For this reason we recommend beige , pink and earth colors in our makeup kit.

2. Cream blush

This is a blush that works as a lipstick at the same time and leaves a delicate and natural effect. However, it is not recommended for oily skin or for times when it is very hot, because it can run. Although it can be sealed with powder to give it greater durability.

Types of blushes and their characteristics: It is found in a variety of packaging and colors. For the application of this type of blush, it is recommended to use a sponge, since it is prone to generating stains on the face when we do it with our fingers.

It can be applied with a specialized brush for cream products. However, it requires good attention and practice to achieve the desired effect in the fade.

3.Liquid blush

Types of blushes and their characteristics: The types of liquid blushes are similar to cream blushes, giving the appearance of naturalness and moisturized skin. In general, it is not a well-known type of blush, since they have it more in professional makeup . In this regard, they have power to give freshness to the face, with good durability.

If you dare to use it, the results can be amazing. Due to its fluid texture it is easy to apply ; you can use it with a sponge, with a brush or with your fingers.

Types of blushes and their characteristics: Due to its fluidity, it is prone to staining. On the other hand, it is recommended to be used on dry skin, because in addition to moisturizing it can contain water-based emollients. It is helpful to use a fixing spray.

4. Blush in ink

If we want to have a natural appearance, this is the blush that we could choose, as it is structured with pigmentation in a very light liquid base, leaving the face with a lush and healthy effect. Do not apply this type of blush on a powder base, as it can create lumps. 

Sometimes we are tired or have a bad night; or we are simply pale and with dull and colorless skin. Ink is a good idea in these cases. It is usually light and achieves the effect of looking like you are not wearing makeup. It is applied with the fingers or with a sponge.

5. Pearl blush

This type of blush is very similar to powder. In fact, it is small pearls of compact powder.

Types of blushes and their characteristics: The difference is that they come in different colors and effects, so by mixing them you get interesting tones. They have the advantage that they do not give off as much color and give a more natural finish.

How to choose the right color of blush?

After learning about the types of blushes that exist and their characteristics, you should know how to choose an ideal color for your skin type and face. A professional makeup guide points out that colors are grouped into three broad categories:

  1. Gold.
  2. Pink.
  3. beige .

Types of blushes and their characteristics: Pink tones are for white skin, which is not favored with beige . For their part, the latter are ideal for medium-brown skin. In this sense, it constitutes the most universal color group. Finally, golds are very good for dark and black skin, because they bring luminosity.

In any case, blush is an essential product to create the perfect makeup and give harmony to the face. Therefore, you should be comfortable with the color. It is a matter of trying and choosing.

Bring out the full potential of the types of blushes

Types of blushes and their characteristics: Blush is a wonderful and indispensable product in any makeup kit. It can be found in many presentations and colors. In addition, it can serve you for different uses, in case you find yourself on a trip or with little space available in your bag.

Take the opportunity to always have it at hand and take advantage of its potential. Remember to choose several shades.

Types of blushes and their characteristics: In addition, you should know that it is one of the products that are most found in ecological alternatives , created from natural pigments. As a last recommendation, before applying any makeup, carry out a good facial care routine , with cleansing and moisturizing .

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