Storage Solutions For Small Rooms

Storage solutions for small rooms: From coat racks and shelves to standing mirrors. Find out how to make the most of space in a small room.

Storage solutions for small rooms: Nowadays, buildings have cozy spaces despite their size. Living room, kitchen and bathrooms in reduced places. Therefore, more and more people are looking for storage solutions for small rooms.

Storage solutions for small rooms: from functional furniture (such as some beds that have a storage space) to living a minimalist life

Storage solutions for small rooms: It is about taking advantage of every inch of the room without overloading the view. Do not forget that the rooms are our place of rest. Although it is difficult for us to store and have a place for each personal effect, this is necessary if we want to have a restful sleep.

1. A rack for clothes that do not fit in the closet

Storage solutions for small rooms: In the absence of storage in the closet, a coat rack is ideal. It’s a practical solution that will help you keep clothes that tend to wrinkle easily in shape, and could even help you organize what you’ll wear during the week.

A well-organized coat rack can be part of the decoration.

Storage solutions for small rooms: Keep in mind that in the market you can find them in different sizes, styles and colors. Some of them come with a top or bottom shelf, which can be used for shoes or boxes.

2. A custom wall shelf

maybe some books with a small plant on the edge of the shelf.

If you don’t have books, other personal effects can work, like jewelry chests or picture frames. These shelves look great on the headboard of beds; just make sure it is secure to avoid accidents. A background mirror will serve to create the feeling of spaciousness.

3. A wardrobe in sight, devoid of doors

Storage solutions for small rooms: It has a solution if you help yourself with some boxes or baskets that combine with the place

4. A metal coat rack in a corner of the wall

the recommended thing is a metal coat rack just above a dresser, It will also serve to provide an industrial air to the room

5. Take advantage of the foot of the bed

A bench, a trunk or an easy chair are chic options when placed at the foot of the bed

Storage solutions for small rooms: There are those who put a beautiful blanket on top, as a decoration. Without a doubt, it will give you that extra storage space that we are looking for for small rooms.

6. A decorative ladde

These elements add a lot of personality to the bedrooms.

Depending on the model, they are used to place beauty accessories such as necklaces, bracelets, scarves , scarves, books, clothes, boxes and other things. Actually, any object can be recharged on a ladder.

7. Take advantage of the place behind the door

you can put a lot of things behind the closet or bedroom door

Storage solutions for small rooms: However, do not miss out on the area. You can put in some organizers that you haven’t found a space for yet.

8. A cozy nightstand

Storage solutions for small rooms: This is one of the most popular storage solutions for small rooms. And it is that a table of modest dimensions will not occupy much.

can be replaced by a wooden chair or bench

9. Opt for a versatile standing mirror

Storage solutions for small rooms: The market has various proposals. For example, there are standing mirrors that have a kind of box on the back that is the same length as the mirror, and modestly thick.

And inside they are provided with various compartments that are used to store jewelry, pigtails and other similar accessories. There are other models that consist of a multifunctional foot or rear uprights, which will be used to hang hats, handbags or any other object.

This type of mirror brings with it several advantages.

10. Consider creating a niche

Storage solutions for small rooms: Perhaps they have the potential to create an alcove and make way for a cozy shelf

The bed is part of the storage solutions for small rooms

Storage solutions for small rooms: also look for models that allow you to store

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