Neurological Tricks to Increase Your Performance

Neurological Tricks to Increase Your Performance: Increasing sports performance requires the combination between the physical and mental. Continue reading and implement these psychological tricks.

Any athlete who is interested in increasing their performance should know the neurological tricks that will allow them to unleash their maximum potential. To be successful in sport you have to work the body and the mind with the same intensity. However, psychological training is often relegated to the background.

Neurological Tricks to Increase Your Performance: Working on the mental sphere involves enhancing the cognitive variables that are directly involved in sport such as memory , attention or decision making. Normally, you work unconsciously in each training session, but there are specific exercises designed to enhance the psyche and thus obtain better sports benefits .

Knowing the best neurological tricks to increase performance not only allows you to give your best, but also prioritizes training, making it more valuable, varied and complete. With all this, we will review them below.

Strengthens the mind-muscle connectio

Neurological Tricks to Increase Your Performance: The brain is the most sophisticated organ in the human body . Among its innumerable functions, it takes care of everything related to starting, modifying and ending the movement.

But the brain does not work alone. If it is capable of doing all the movements, it is thanks to its connection with the muscular system and the information it provides.

Neurological Tricks to Increase Your Performance: Working on the mind-muscle connection in each workout brings many benefits to sports performance. Among them is the improvement of coordination, balance and body awareness. These are key aspects to have better marks, but also to prevent injuries.

Set “SMART” goals

Goal setting is a fundamental technique that any athlete must learn to master. The first step to this is knowing that not all goals are valid. To set good goals, you must take into account some specific guidelines.

Neurological Tricks to Increase Your Performance: These premises can be summarized under the acronym “ SMART ”. The meaning of that acronym is based on five rules, each represented by a letter and a word in English. For the objective to be valid, it must meet these requirements:

  • S: “ specific ” . The objectives must indicate what you want to achieve, when, how much and how.
  • M: “ measurable ”. There has to be some way to measure and get information about progress.
  • A: “ achievable ”. They have to be within the capabilities of each athlete.
  • A: “ relevant ”. The goals must be important to the person’s life.
  • T: “ timed ”. You must specify the time interval in which the objective has to be met.

Don’t forget to work on balance

Neurological Tricks to Increase Your Performance: Among all the physical abilities that the athlete works on, there is one that usually goes unnoticed and that is balance. This is a serious mistake, since it is a facet just as important as strength, agility or flexibility.

Neurological Tricks to Increase Your Performance: Regularly working on balance, or proprioception , is synonymous with better sports performance . This is mainly explained because it is a quality that closely relates the nervous and muscular systems, giving sustenance to the neuromuscular system.

To work on balance there are interesting devices such as  bosu, or work on surfaces with a certain degree of instability. With this, it is possible to be more aware of the different positions of each joint in space to prevent the appearance of injuries. This is detailed in this study carried out by the Bages University Foundation.

Apply these neurological tricks to increase your performance

Neurological Tricks to Increase Your Performance: Anyone who has trained regularly will have noticed the importance of the correct functioning of the mind to do the exercises well. For example, when concentration fails, the probability of making a mistake is greatly increased. Letting this happen can be regretted, since these are avoidable failures that can cause injuries that marginalize the athlete from the activity.

Little by little, athletes are assimilating that psychology is a fundamental factor to achieve the best sports performance. Indeed, this sphere is becoming more and more important, as well as physical appearance, tactics and strategy.

Neurological Tricks to Increase Your Performance: After all, no movement can be executed if there is not an efficient brain that gives the order and supervises that the motor gesture is being carried out correctly.

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