Montserrat Oliver also shares her biggest challenge as a lesbian

Now that she premieres her third season as the presenter of “Reto 4 Elementos”, Montserrat Oliver also shares her biggest challenge as a lesbian.

“4 Elements Challenge” is quite a challenge, isn’t it? It’s a physical effort and you lose weight, right?

Sure, I lose weight. I lose weight because one, I don’t like to eat when I’m working because since I eat it makes me lazy and makes me sleepy and I don’t want to because I need to be active all day; but it is also so hot that it does not make you hungry for many things.

“In fact, I eat pure ceviche when I’m recording ‘Reto 4 Elementos’, because it’s the only thing I want, or salads or things like that; and then how they put some ‘outfits’ on me that you can see my belly, well, I want to eat less, right?

Now that Pride Month and International LGBT Pride Day are celebrated, the presenter remembers her biggest challenge as a lesbian.

“If you are talking about gay, then obviously coming out of the closet. Having made a cover together with Yaya (Kosikova, her partner) was a very big challenge, because I used to say: ‘I’m shocked by that labeling’, and all this stuff, because I feel that more than uniting us, it separates us and not we go through life asking people, well, how do you like it, how do you like to be given, how do you like to be given, right? LOL!”.

“But I said ‘well, maybe I can help more by doing it to these people who maybe want to kill themselves, or who suffer from not accepting themselves, or who don’t accept them than not doing it,’ and it was a challenge for me , not just doing it but because it has more of a background being that since I was 16 years old I have been a model and I have dedicated myself to the artistic medium.

“The brands, I said, ‘let’s see if I don’t run out of brands’, because there is an impressive double standard that still exists; So, that was what gave me the most nerve of all”.

“But well, at the end of the road I think that who you are continues to weigh more than what you are liking, because apart from that one never knows if right now you like butter and tomorrow… well, I don’t know, anything else, why limit ourselves? , No? LOL!”.

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