Brewery to sell hard seltzer made with hot dog sausage water

Hot dogs are an iconic American food. For sausage lovers, a Texas brewery is launching a hard seltzer made with leftover hot dog water.

Fort Worth-based Martin House Brewing Company is launching its new uniquely flavored hot dog water beverage at Glizzy Fest , an event honoring the popular food that will take place on July 16 at the brewery.

While the brewery brews many regular beers, it’s known for its weird flavors, including Best Maid Sour Pickle Beer, Murph Juice, a BBQ Sauce Beer, Buffalo Wangz, a Wing Sauce Beer, and a Gravy Beer. green and mustard.

“For those asking, the hot dog is real. It is a 5.2% carbonated water called ‘Bun Length’. We will have 420 tall cans available to go at Glizzy Fest,” the brewer posted on its Facebook page. The cost of the hot dog seltzer is $4 each.

Martin House Brewing Company said that pickled mustard ale will also be available, as well as 25 other beers on tap.

In addition to the seltzer toss, the event will feature three food trucks, a hot dog eating contest, craft vendors and a cover band.

The Glizzy Fest will cost $15, includes a “Suckin on chili dogs” souvenir glass and four shots of beer or seltzer. Non-drinkers have free access.

Whiskey made green crabs

Another of the launches in alcoholic beverages with exotic flavors is a whiskey made from green crabs.

The newly launched drink was made by Tamworth Distilling and a team from the University of New Hampshire created a whiskey using invasive crabs that are destroying New England’s shellfish fishery and ecosystem.

To make the whisky, the developers boiled green crabs in a crab broth which was then fortified with Tamworth-made neutral grain spirits and distilled in a large vacuum rotary still “until the ideal crab essence was achieved.” the company says.

The whiskey is available for sale in 200-milliliter bottles priced at $65. It is available at Tamworth Distillery ( and other stores such as and Philadelphia’s Art in the Age.

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