Cycling Training Using The Different Heart Zones

Cycling training using the different heart zones: Know the heart zones, through which you should plan your cycling training. Seek professional advice to make your routines more appropriate on the subject.

Must be based on different types of stimuli

Cycling training using the different heart zones: Currently it is much easier to implement a training based on the different heart zones. Such ease is due to electronic devices such as smart watches and mobile applications.

it is possible to measure factors such as heart rate

Cycling training using the different heart zones: Based on the above, we will show you how you can use heart zones in cycling training and what each one consists of.

Cycling training and the different heart zones

consists of a series of exercises

Cycling training using the different heart zones: In order for the planning to be carried out correctly, aspects related to physical condition must be used, in this case the different cardiac zones.

are based on intensity percentages

this type of zone is divided into 5

Zone 1

the least intense within the different heart zones

cardiac output in zone 1 is below 50 percent of maximum heart rate

to stimulate the body prior to a workout

You can also use it in case of recovery after an injury, but first have appropriate advice.

zone 2

Zone 2 focuses on recovery training sessions. It is usually scheduled after exhausting runs due to its contribution to the elimination of lactic acid.

you work in a percentage between 60 and 70 percent

In addition to the above, it should be noted that within this area fat is usually used as the main fuel. Reason why it favors the stimulation of aerobic resistance within cycling.

zone 3

combines stimulation of the cardiovascular system

resort to a stimulus between 70-80 percent of the heart rate

both contribute to the stimulation of aerobic resistance

Zone 4

Zone 4 borders on the anaerobic threshold limits , which is why under this intensity oxygen is not used to obtain energy from glucose. From this cardiac zone movements are made in a percentage of 80-90 percent, approximately.

employ a training in this zone under intervals of short duration

Zone 5

zone of maximum intensity,

It is recommended in cycling training, especially to strengthen sprints in race finishes. All those cyclists focused on this modality must constantly work on this heart zone.

We recommend you to be very careful

Cycling training, choose between the different heart zones

Different heart zones can be implemented in cycling training. However, it is necessary to understand when they should be worked on and for what purpose.

We advise you to take into account 2 aspects before starting to train

Based on the maximum heart rate, the zones for training can be determined appropriately. In addition, with professional advice you have a good guide.

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