What Does Beating Jeanne’s Tale in Bayonetta Origins Unlock

After beating Bayonetta Origins for the first time, Jeanne’s Tale unlocks. However, there’s still more to earn. Finishing this side story means another bonus. In addition to another possible side of a story, you get some new looks for the main game.

Beating Jeanne’s Tale in Bayonetta Origins/em> doesn’t take too long. Compared to the main game, it’s more of an overview and taste. Someone could easily get through it in about an hour.

Once done, people earn three Bayonetta Origins costumes. Two are for Cereza, while one is for Cheshire. The Cheshire one is “Charles.” It can only be used with the “Jeanne” outfit, which becomes available for Cereza after completing the side story. People also earn a Bayonetta 3-inspired Arch-Eve Origin costume for Cereza. All three can be used in the main game by heading to a save lantern and selecting one from the Costumes menu.

As a reminder, if you haven’t unlocked this element of the game yet, you do need to complete Bayonetta Origins first. Once you have, you can find this side story in the main menu. It’ll be in the “Extras” section.

Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon is available for the Nintendo Switch. A demo is available.

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