Aksys Switch Otome Game Winter’s Wish: Spirits of Edo Launches in May

The next Aksys Switch otome game is upon us. It announced a release date for Winter’s Wish: Spirits of Edo, which appeared in Japan as Kimi wa Yukima ni Koinegau. The visual novel will appear on the eShop on May 18, 2023. It also showed a teaser of the seven character art cards that will appear in the first-run physical copies.

First, here’s the preliminary look at what the cards will look like. Each one features the character’s official art and a chibi version of them set against their signature color. Their name appears at the bottom. The protagonist Suzuno appears on the top. Below her is the love interest Tomonari Takamura. If it follows that pattern, the remaining five cards should be the other romance options Kunitaka Tojo, Yoichi, Genjuro Kuga, Kinji, and Ohtaro.

As a reminder of how the art style looks, here’s a trailer showing off its opening movie and characters.

Winter’s Wish: Spirits of Edo is a historical and supernatural Switch otome game set in the Kyoho era. Suzuno, the heroine, can see when bad things are about to happen via “black Threads.” After she’s exiled, Tokugawa shogunate’s Oniwaban bring her to Edo to aid in their efforts to fight monsters.

Winter’s Wish: Spirits of Edo will come to the Nintendo Switch on May 18, 2023.

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