Pokemon Unite Goodra Videos Show Off the Defender’s Skills

Goodra is about to be yet another one of the new Pokemon to join Pokemon Unite in 2023, and new videos detailed some of the defender’s moves. As a tank type of character, its goal will be to help soak up damage. Its Power Whip gets an opponent closer to it, while Dragon Pulse deals damage while increasing survivability.

First, here’s the look at Power Whip. It could be used to pull in a foe, which could make it easier for Goodra to attack it and keep it from attacking allies.

Next, here’s Goodra using Dragon Pulse in Pokemon Unite. It can restore health, but the exact circumstances to trigger that weren’t mentioned in the reveal.

Goodra joins a number of other new characters who appeared this year. Comfey is a supporter who kicked off 2023 as its first new addition. During the 2023 Pokemon Presents, Zacian was revealed as the next playable character.

Pokemon Unite is available for the Nintendo Switch and mobile devices, and Goodra joins as a Defender character on March 16, 2023.

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