Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat Closed Beta Starts in March

Nebulajoy will launch a closed beta period for Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat starting on March 23, 2023. Along with the announcement, the developers also revealed a new trailer. It showcases Nero as a playable Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat character.

The trailer features Nero in his Knight of the Order version, the iconic look he had in Devil May Cry 4. The gameplay scenes show him using the Red Queen sword to send demons flying through the air.

The teaser also features younger versions of Dante and Vergil using their combos and special attacks. As for the enemies, both new and older ones appear in the game.

Nebulajoy stated that users can pre-register on the official website or interact with their tweets for a chance to participate in the closed beta. Likewise, the company commented that pre-registration will guarantee rewards once the open beta arrives.

This Devil May Cry entry is a free-to-play mobile game originally released in China in 2020. This spin-off features retellings of the most memorable moments in DMC‘s history while also mixing in new content. In terms of gameplay, it is a hack-and-slash title with platforming and gacha elements.

The Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat closed beta will arrive on mobile devices on March 23, 2023. A full official release is set for 2023.

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