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Whether you’re watching movies or listening to music, you deserve a high quality speaker — especially if you’re having people over. The speakers set the tone of the party, and a tiny Bluetooth speaker just isn’t going to cut it. Samsung is one of the highest quality audio equipment manufacturers in the world, and they have a great speaker for parties: the MX-ST90B Sound Tower. It’s great for both indoor and outdoor events. It isn’t exactly cheap, but right now it has a nice discount. It’s $200 off, bringing the total to $1,000. Here’s why you should consider dropping that kind of cash on your sound system.

Why you should buy the Samsung MX-ST90B Sound Tower

What sets the MX-ST90B Sound Tower is the massive 1,700 watts of power it can put through its speakers, meaning you can fill a significantly large room with sound if you’d like. It has six speakers inside, two of each bass, mids, and tweeters, so you have a full range of frequencies to work with, especially if you love bass since it has some excellent bass boosting. We certainly appreciate the app that connects to the speaker, which gives you a lot of control over the EQ, something we don’t often find in speakers that come with preset EQs. Speaking of which, if you’d rather not fuss around with EQ settings, there are a few sound modes that you can pick from Party, Standard(MONO), Hip-Hop, EDM, Rock, Latin, House, and Regeea.

Besides the great audio, the MX-ST90B has many great features that you’d find on some of the best Bluetooth speakers on the market. For starters, you can connect to two mobile devices, so it’s easier to pick the next track, which is a big deal if you’re in a group full of music lovers. You also can connect up to two of these massive tower speakers if you want to equip a big area like a pool or garden. Luckily, it has an IPX5 rating for water resistance, although you can look at our article explaining water and dust resistance for audio gear to understand better what you can get away with. It also has a ton of RGB lights that you can sync with different mode types and a couple of handy little wheels to make moving it around easier.

Overall, the MX-ST90B Sound Tower is an excellent audio device if you want audio fidelity and power, especially given this deal from Samsung, which brings it down to $1,000. That said, if this is a bit too powerful or expensive for your needs, check out some of these other Bluetooth speaker deals for alternatives.

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