Genshin Impact Tools Update Adds Card Plaza Features, Dehya and Mika

As usual, the 3.5 Genshin Impact update meant HoYoVerse updated various tools. Typically, this means new characters, areas, enemies, or items can appear. This time, it’s a little more subdued. The Genshin Impact Battle Chronicle, Enhancement Progression Calculator and Lineup Simulator now mention Dehya and Mika, however the Card Plaza got a major addition regarding in-game Genius Invokation TCG decks.

Genshin Impact Enhancement Progression Calculator and Lineup Simulator are pretty familiar and nondescript updates. With the former, people can see what is needed to build up Dehya and Mika. The latter lets you see possible teams for exploring or heading into the Spiral Abyss. The update lets you also factor in Dehya and Mika as potential allies. As for the Battle Chronicle, it now mentions both of them, as well as the 2023 Windblume Festival.

The Card Plaza update makes it easier to go over the Genius Invokation TCG decks you made and use in Genshin Impact. You can now import ones you’re using. This lets you better practice, see different tactics, exchange ideas, and refine your own decks.

Genshin Impact is available for the PS4, PS5, PC, and mobile devices. The Dehya and Cyno rerun banners are available until March 21, 2023, after which a new series of banners with Mika’s debut will appear.

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