Fire Emblem Engage Manga Begins Serialization

The Fire Emblem Engage manga adaptation started serialization on Shonen Jump+. As reported before, it uses the male version of Alear to tell the game’s story. You can read the entire first chapter for free on the Shonen Jump+ website.

So far, the Fire Emblem Engage manga covered Alear waking up and his subsequent arrival at Somniel. There are a few differences, such as him waking Marth up from his Emblem Ring after he meets Lumera. In the game, his meeting with Lumera takes place after he first shows off his Divine Dragon powers against the Corrupted. If this will follow the same pattern as other manga series on Shonen Jump+, then the first few and most recent few chapters will be free. The chapters in between will require readers to pay a fee.

Aside from the male version of Alear and Lumera, we see Marth, Framme, Clanne, and Vander. It’s unclear how faithful to the game the manga version will be. So far, the basic beats are the same, albeit in a slightly different order. But there are a lot of conversations between the characters, as well as between the characters and the Emblems, that the manga may give certain characters less “screen time.”

Fire Emblem Engage is readily available on the Nintendo Switch. The Fire Emblem Engage manga is available on Shonen Jump+.

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