Tsukihime Remake Arcueid Figure Appears With or Without Cat Ears

There’s not only one Tsukihime remake Arcueid Brunestud Pop Up Parade figure on the way. Two options will be available. However, one is limited to the Good Smile Company store. Depending on where you go, your Arcueid will or won’t have cat ears. Regardless of version, she will be ¥4,800/$34.99. In Japan, both will appear in June 2023. In North America, she’ll show up in August 2023.

The standard Pop Up Parade figure of Arcueid will be available everywhere. This features her normal smiling face, typical hair, and white turtleneck with blue skirt. However, people who buy directly through Good Smile Company could get the limited version with cat ears. The outfit and pose is the same, but she’s winking and has cat ears on top of her head.

Here’s a closer look at both versions of the figure.

There’s another way to get Arcueid with or without cat ears. Good Smile Company also released a Nendoroid of the heroine. Its extra parts let you create looks with or without the ears, as well as with or without glasses.

The Tsukihime: A Piece of Blue Glass Moon Arcueid Brunestud Pop Up Parade figure and its variant will show up in June 2023 in Japan and August 2023 in North America. Pre-orders are open until February 23, 2023. The Tsukihime remake is available on the Nintendo Switch and PS4 in Japan. The original game is available on PCs.

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