FFXIV Heavensward Snow Sculpture Appears in Japanese Textbooks

The FFXIV 2018 snow sculpture that featured characters from the Heavensward expansion has appeared in Japanese textbooks. It features a photograph of the artwork, which was installed in Sapporo, Japan. One of the most notable things about the sculpture itself was the light show that would appear semi-regularly. Projections of Nidhogg, Estinien, and the Mother Crystal would be overlayed on top of it. Music from Final Fantasy XIV and its Heavensward expansion would also play. [Thanks, aitaikimochi!]

Impress Watch, the YouTube channel for Japanese games outlet Game Watch, uploaded a video of the sculpture. You can take a look at the FFXIV 2018 Heavensward snow sculpture and watch the display in full, below.

The second Final Fantasy XIV expansion, Heavensward, released to critical acclaim. Following its success, Square Enix offered a free trial to players, which allowed for those participating to play through the expansion. While there are some limitations to the expansion, such as the inability to join Free Companies or use the marketboard, players can reach up to level 60 on all available Job Classes. Occasionally, Square Enix will also have free login campaigns for players whose subs have lapsed.

Final Fantasy XIV is available for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC.

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