Square Enix Shares Details on FFVII Remake Train Models

Square Enix shared some trivia about the different Shinra train models seen in Final Fantasy VII Remake. This information appeared on the official Japanese FF7R twitter account, which periodically shares details such as development material, concept art, and other pieces on information about the world of Final Fantasy VII.

The Muka 100 Type 90 Model 600 is the cornerstone train model for the Shinra Electric Power Company. The tweet mentioned that it is used on a vast number of the Shinra Railroad lines. This also happens to be the same model of train that Avalanche used to infiltrate the Mako Reactor 1 during the opening bombing mission in Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Another model of train seen in Final Fantasy VII Remake is the Hoka 100 Type 70 Model 5884. This model of train has been in used for a long time, however this series of trains quietly stopped being in use after new train models replaced it. This model could be seen out of commission in the Train Graveyard during Chapter 11. The tweet also mentioned that there is someone very knowledgeable about Shinra trains in Wall Market, along with a screenshot of the location of the NPC.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is available on the PS4, PC, and PS5. FFVII Remake Part 2, titled Rebirth, is currently in development.

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