How Do Fire Emblem Engage Multiplayer Relay Trials Work

Okay, so there are multiple Fire Emblem Engage Tower of Trials activities. The Tempest Trial option lets you set a difficulty and challenge multiple battles in an area in a row in exchange for experience and items. The Outrealm Trial lets you create custom layouts with your units and face others for, again, items as arewards. Finally, there’s the Relay Trial, the Fire Emblem Engage cooperative multiplayer mode. If you have a Nintendo Switch Online subscription and Relay Ticket, you can take part in them to earn items once they’re finished.

How Do You Start a Fire Emblem Engage Multiplayer Relay Trial?

Once you have the Tower of Trials unlocked in Fire Emblem Engage and can use it, you can spend one Relay Ticket to take part in one of these Relay Trial multiplayer matches. You can choose to start a Relay Trial or continue one either by picking a random open one or inputting a code. When you do, you’ll be able to pick some of your own units to participate in the map.

If you start fresh Relay Trial, you’re the first one there! You can then start fighting opponents and moving to Entryway spots to allow others who join to deploy their own units. Each Entryway allows additional characters to appear in the spots around them. I’d recommend making this your first course of action when taking part in a Relay Trial. As long as it is safe to do so, send one or two characters over so the next person picking up the map is in a better position.

After your turn in the Relay Trial is done, you can choose a preset message. If you’re picking up after someone else, you can choose additional units to deploy and watch the past players’ actions. You’ll get various rewards depending on how the team that participated did.

From there, you’ll want to check the “results” section in the Relay Trial area of the Tower of Trials to see when that challenge is completed.

Do You Have Any Fire Emblem Engage Relay Trial Codes for Us?

Why, indeed I do! I saved up a number of my Relay Tickets to kick off a few. Granted, these will probably only briefly be active, depending on who reads this and redeems them. But those people who do try can take part in a match with me. (Note that the characters I use and my Profile Card contain Fire Emblem Engage spoilers.) I’ve set all of these to “Private,” so only folks who use the codes can take part.

  • Verdant Plain: 2LRHYNJ
  • Floral Field: 521XF56
  • Mountain Peak: 2TM1882
  • Winter Forest: 80X17PV
  • Desert Dunes: 3H4XLRH (This one… is rough! I accidentally got Pandreo killed ASAP. Consider engraving some Emblems on weapons before coming here!)
  • Vicious Volcano: 1MCRWN (Again, sorry about this one! Do your best!)

Also, feel free to share additional Relay Trial IDs in the comments!

Fire Emblem Engage is available for the Nintendo Switch.

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