These Can Be Some of the Best Fire Emblem Engage Characters

As in many Fire Emblem games, there are really no “best” characters to use in Engage. Due to things like Second Seals to change classes, Master Seals to reach advanced classes, and Emblem Ring skill inheritance, everyone can end up being useful! Your best characters can be the ones whose design, personality, or general gameplay value you prefer. However, there are a few units that I found exceptionally useful while playing. As such, I’d recommend keeping them on-hand when fighting your battles.

Editor’s Note: There will be spoilers below in this list of potential best Fire Emblem Engage characters.


Alear is great! Which is good, because you’re forced to use them in major battles! Their unique weapon Liberation is a fantastic sword with great Str and Hit that also can fill the Engage meter. Divinely Inspiring ensures allies right next to them deal +3 damage and take 1 less damage. Divine Spirit also ensures the Engage meter fills one step faster. Meanwhile, their general stats shape up pretty well.


You’ll probably want an archer around at all times, and I think Alcryst should be that archer. Mine ended up with both higher Str and Dex than Fogado, your other great archer option. He also gets the Covert benefit that doubles his Avo from terrain. He comes with the Get Behind Me skill, which gives him +3 Str if an ally within two spaces is attacked. Once he becomes a Tireur d’elite, he can learn the Fire Emblem staple Luna, which can ignore half of a foe’s Def/Res based on Dex percentage.



I hate Pandreo’s howls, but I can’t deny his versatility. He ended up being one of my best Fire Emblem Engage characters. This is because while you’ll get healers who can use magic and vice-versa, in my game he ended up being both one of the best healer and magic damage units. His Mag, Dex, Res, and Lck all skyrocketed. His High Priest Self Healing let him use staves on himself, which is fantastic for survivability. Party Animal checks to see how many allies and enemies are within two spaces, giving a 3x bonus to Avo and Hit as a result. Plus his Mystical class status ignores foe terrain Avo bonuses. He’s fantastic, and I sort of hate him for that!

These Can Be Some of the Best Fire Emblem Engage Characters Diamant


Alcryst isn’t the only Brodian prince you should keep around. Diamant ended up being one of the best Fire Emblem Engage characters in my game too. He’s a “Backup” type, which means if he’s within range of an ally attacking, he’ll join in for a chain attack to help deal more damage. Mine ended up with amazing Str and Def stats. Fair Fight, which gives him and an enemy +15 hit in an encounter if he initiates the attack and the enemy could counter attack, comes in handy. He also learns the Fire Emblem staple Sol as a Successeur, which looks at his Dex stat to determine the odds of him recovering 50% of the damage he dealt to an enemy as health. He’s basically a strong tank!

These Can Be Some of the Best Fire Emblem Engage Characters Ivy


Units that can pull double duty by being good damage dealers and healers are incredibly handy throughout Fire Emblem Engage. Ivy is that. She can hit S-rank with tomes easily, her Mag stat is fantastic, and she’s probably going to be among your first flying units who can heal, making it easy for her to reach allies. She starts with Single-Minded, which means she gets +20 hit when facing her most recent opponent again. As a Lindwurm, she will also learn Grasping Void, which looks to her Dex to determine the odds of her dealing extra tome-based damage based on half of her enemy’s Mag stat.

These Can Be Some of the Best Fire Emblem Engage Characters Jean


Jean is Fire Emblem Engage’s “villager” character, which means he essentially has endless potential thanks to his starting skill expertise. It guarantees enhanced stat growth when he levels up. Since he starts as a Martial Monk like Framme, his advanced class would be High Priest. So like Pandreo, he gets the great Mystical bonus and Self-Healing. But since he does have Expertise, you can play around with Emblem Rings to build proficiencies, have fun, and turn him into some really cool class.



Personally, I preferred to keep Zelkov around as my thief, but I must admit Yunaka is the more valuable unit. That’s because of her first skill, Trained to Kill. If she gets an Avo bonus from the terrain she is standing on, her Crit rate will also go up by 15. Consider that mine’s Crit rate was already admirably high (it passed 20 at level 25) and she has the Covert benefit doubles her terrain Avo bonus, and she’s just too useful.

These Can Be Some of the Best Fire Emblem Engage Characters


It’s probably not surprising that Veyle is another one of the generally best Fire Emblem Engage characters. Mine had a tendency to almost die often, due to infuriatingly low HP. However, she comes with two great unit-exclusive weapons, which are the Misericorde dagger and Obscurite tome. Her Mag and Res are great, though! She also comes with Fell Protection, which grants adjacent allies +1 damage and -3 damage, and Fell Spirit, which fills her Engage meter by one each turn.

These Can Be Some of the Best Fire Emblem Engage Characters Panette

Honorable Mentions: Citrine and Panette

These two are my “your mileage may vary” picks. Citrine I like a lot for Generosity. If she uses a healing item, every adjacent ally also gains that same amount of health, which makes her your only non-Micaiah AOE healer right away. As a Sage, she also gets Spell Harmony, which benefits her being around other allies by granting Atk equal to adjacent ones when she uses a tome.

As for Panette, give her a Steel or Silver Greataxe. Let her Berserker Smash+ skill push enemies two spaces away with the greataxe’s Smash attack. Put her in harm’s way so her base Blood Fury skill gives her +10 Crit as long as her HP isn’t at 100%. Take advantage of her “Backup” nature to help build up allies’ chain attacks. Profit.

Fire Emblem Engage is available for the Nintendo Switch.

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