Tales of Crestoria Manga Adaptation Now Available in Japan

The first volume of the Tales of Crestoria manga adaptation is now available in Japan. While the first chapter is available to view entirely for free through Shonen Magazine, people can now get the entire first volume through Japanese retailers. The physical edition is 770 yen (about $6), whereas the digital version is 715 yen (approximately $5). [Thanks, natalie.mu!]

In December 2021, it was announced that Tales of Crestoria would receive a manga adaptation. The manga will conclude the story of the mobile game that was eventually shut down in February 2022. The manga adaptation is written by Jun Kumagai and illustrated by Tsubaki Ayasugi. Bandai Namco previously shared images of illustrations of the main cast. This included concept illustrations for Vicious, Kanata, and Misella.

Following the announcement of Tales of Crestoria‘s closure, the developers stated that the cast of characters could reappear in another Tales of game. In July 2022, Kanata and Misella appeared in now Japan-exclusive Tales of the Rays. These characters were available to obtain through a special crossover event between the two Tales of titles.

Tales of Crestoria was an entirely new entry in the Tales of series. It featured a new cast of characters alongside returning fan favorites like Lloyd Irving and Velvet Crowe.

Tales of Crestoria was available on Android and iOS devices. It ended service in February 2022.

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