Kingdom Hearts: Missing Link Gameplay Details Shared

Square Enix shared information about gameplay elements that will appear in Kingdom Hearts: Missing Link. These details specifically concern travel, along with the two different ways players can play the title. Kingdom Hearts: Missing Link will also feature an AP system, similar to other mobile games, which means players will spend stamina to engage in battles, but is a bit different between its two gameplay modes.

Concerning the two different gameplay systems players can use in Kingdom Hearts: Missing Link, one option is using the “GPS” function and the “gamepad” function. The GPS function will track player movement as you walk, whereas the gamepad function will allow you to control your character without needing to move. Players can also use a “hands-free” feature for combat while in GPS mode. Players can also obtain AP through battles in GPS mode.

However, AP will be expended through the gamepad function. This means that AP and obtaining treasure chests will cost stamina. Alternating between these two functions will allow for players to spend and acquire stamina.

Players will also have the opportunity to customize their avatar. Details concerning more extensive character creation will appear in the future. However, players will be able to change the color of their costumes and equip individual pieces to mix and match attire.

Kingdom Hearts: Missing Link is in development for Android and iOS devices.

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