Fire Emblem Engage Main Character Designer Shares Art of Heroes

Leading up to Fire Emblem Engage’s launch, Main Character Designer Mika Pikazo took to Twitter to share new art of different members of the cast. Since January 6, 2023, a new piece appeared. Each one is followed by brief commentary offering Pikazo’s thoughts on the person. The countdown will continue until the January 20, 2023 launch, offering two weeks’ worth of designs.

The Pikazo pieces of art offer a mix of Fire Emblem Engage characters known to be heroes and antagonists. The countdown began with Timerra on January 6, 2023. Alfred showed up after that. Elusia’s Ivy was the third character. After that, Pikazo shared a picture of the Brodian prince Diamant. Then there was Queen Lumera. Alear’s steward Vander followed. Zephia showed up on January 12, 2023. Diamant’s brother Alcryst appeared after that. Ivy’s sister Hortensia came up after him. Finally, the character that showed up on January 15, 2023 was Timerra’s brother Fogado.

Here’s the full array of Fire Emblem Engage art Pikazo shared between January 6-15, 2023. More pieces will appear on the artist’s official Twitter account leading up to launch.

Pikazo announced work on the game back in September 2023 with a picture of the male and female versions of the protagonist Alear.

Fire Emblem Engage will come to the Nintendo Switch on January 20, 2023.

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