Andrew Callaghan Posts Video Apology After Sexual Misconduct Allegations, Plans to Start Therapy and Alcoholics Anonymous

Independent filmmaker and media personality Andrew Callaghan, who gained prominence for his comedic man-on-the-street Channel 5 interviews on YouTube and a new HBO documentary “This Place Rules,” has shared a video apology to further address allegations of sexual misconduct, first levied against him in early January.

The nearly five-minute video, posted on a YouTube channel credited to Callaghan on Sunday afternoon, features Callaghan speaking to the camera, responding to the allegations against him.

“I hadn’t realized I had had this pattern that had affected multiple people. I’d like to apologize for my silence. When this stuff first came out, I was in a state of denial and shock,” Callaghan stated. “I was denounced by my closest collaborators and my name was printed in 40 different news outlets, next to the words ‘sexual misconduct.’ I just kind of spiraled into a mental health crisis. I’m okay now, but I don’t think this is about me. This is about the people I’ve affected. So I just want to express my complete sympathy, support and respect for anyone that I’ve done wrong by. I really want to do better and be fully accountable for everything that I’ve done.”

Watch Callaghan’s apology below.

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