Kingdom Hearts Necklace Inspired by Kairi’s Keyblade

Square Enix announced its new Kingdom Hearts piece of jewelry, and this time it is a Destiny’s Embrace necklace inspired by Kairi’s keyblade. (It is known as Destiny’s Place in Japan.) While not a keyblade itself, it features a gold-plated silver charm inspired by the flowers on the “blade” and flourishes on the “hilt.” Pre-orders are available on the Square Enix e-Store in Japan ahead of its May 27, 2023 debut. It will cost 27,500円 (~$215).

Here’s a closer look at the Kingdom Hearts necklace inspired by the the Destiny’s Embrace keyblade Kairi uses in the series. As noted by the official tweet, the charm itself is 28mm tall and 21mm long.

To compare, here’s a picture of Kairi wielding her keyblade in the third game.

This necklace is only available via the Japanese storefront at the moment. However, it isn’t uncommon for Square Enix to eventually open up orders on its worldwide sites. For example, the Wayfinder necklaces based on Aqua, Terra, and Ventus all appeared worldwide. It also recently opened up pre-orders for the silver and black silver monogram rings inspired by the games.

The Kingdom Hearts Kairi Destiny’s Embrace keyblade necklace will appear in Japan on May 27, 2023.

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