Honkai Impact 3rd Herrscher of Truth Bronya Trailer and Wallpapers Appear

There’s yet another look at the Honkai Impact 3rd Herrscher of Truth battlesuit for Bronya. HoYoVerse shared a new trailer, which is involves cinematic footage. There is also a collection of wallpapers featuring the Honkai Impact 3rd heroine, though they show Bronya over the years and with different looks.

The video begins with Bronya in Project Stigma’s network. She’s racing around on her motorcycle, when she needs to transform to fight foes. That leads to a magical girl-inspired sequence in which she dons her new battlesuit. From there, she fights in the battlesuit’s two different forms.

Here is the full Honkai Impact 3rd Herrscher of Truth Bronya “In the Name of the Truth” trailer. If you turn on closed captions, there is an official English translation.

Meanwhile, here are all of the Honkai Impact 3rd Herrscher of Truth wallpapers showing Bronya in honor of her new battlesuit’s arrival. There are both PC and mobile versions available.

This new battlesuit isn’t the only addition in the update. A Bustling Holiday Symphony event appears with new rewards. One of its rewards will be the Carole’s Sweet ‘n’ Spicy Freestyle Special outfit. People can also continue through the campaign in Story Chapter XXXIV.

Honkai Impact 3rd is available for the PC and mobile devices. The 6.3 update is live now.

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