How to Catch Kecleon in Pokemon GO

Back on January 7, 2023, Niantic announced Kecleon is now in Pokemon GO. However, it didn’t initially reveal how someone might get one. Especially since, with its debut, people might be able to get a medal for finding Pokemon from Hoenn. It was a few days later that it confirmed in a video that it’s been hiding in marketing for a bit on Poke Stops in official images. However, it can take some time to finally get one. That’s because if you’re trying to figure out how to catch a Kecleon, you’ll first probably need to visit lots of Pokemon GO Poke Stops.

How to Catch Kecleon in Pokemon GO

As Niantic’s teasing suggests, the Kecleon’s natural habitat in the game is Poke Stops. To find one, you need to visit them. When you tap one to spin its disc, there is a chance you will see the transparent Kecleon there. You can’t spin the disc while one is on it. Instead, you need to touch the Pokemon. Once you do, it will stop being transparent and hop off.

What you then need to do is be immediately near the Poke Stop and exit to the map. When you do, the Kecleon will be standing next to it if you are right there. You can then touch it as you would any other Pokemon to start the encounter. This doesn’t guarantee you will catch it, as it could still flee the battle like any other Pokemon.

Pokemon GO is available for Android and Apple iOS devices. In February 2023, the Community Day will involve lots of Noibats.

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