Some Developers Omitted from The Callisto Protocol Credits

Some developers who worked on horror action game The Callisto Protocol say they and numerous other colleagues were left off of the game’s credits. A report from gathers comments from former members of developer Striking Distance Studios who say up to 20 people “across a variety of departments” were removed or left off The Callisto Protocol credits. [Thanks,!]

Though it’s not uncommon for a game’s credits to leave out developers who depart a project before its completion, one person called the omissions in The Callisto Protocol credits “egregious.” Some of those left out include “senior developers, team leads, and directors who made significant contributions,” as well as those who worked with Glen Schofield at Sledgehammer Games prior to opening Striking Distance.

Commonly supported standards for crediting, such as those at the International Game Developers Association, encourage developers to credit anyone working for the company for a minimum of 30 days. They also say not to remove the names of those who leave before a game is launched. However, the omissions from The Callisto Protocol credits include developer team members who worked for the project at Striking Distance for over a year, with significant contributions, according to sources. Others were treated inconsistently, grouped in an “additional” category for their departments, or simply left in a “Miscellaneous” roll at the very end.

Some sources suggested that Striking Distance was “playing favorites” by choosing to favor those who leadership liked with The Callisto Protocol credits placement, and indirectly punishing others with omission. Crediting is an important part of a developer’s career-building, as sometimes a mention in the credits is the only proof a developer has that they worked on a project.

The Callisto Protocol is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. Check out Siliconera’s review of the game.

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