Blue Archive 2nd Anniversary Event Features Giant Peroro

Nexon Games’ mobile RPG Blue Archive will turn two years old in Japan in 2023, and its operator Yostar planned a big party to celebrate. Calling it the Blue Archive Festival, the event is planned for January 22, 2023. The Blue Archive 2nd Anniversary event will include both an in-person celebration in Japan, as well as a livestream broadcast and in-game promotional campaigns.

The Blue Archive 2nd Anniversary event will be held in Akihabara’s Bellesalle event venue. The event space itself will take up two floors of the venue. The first floor is an exhibition area that’s free to visit for all, while the main stage is located on a different floor that requires a ticket to enter. Tickets go for 2,200 Yen (about $16.50 USD).

The main stage is where the Blue Archive 2nd Anniversary live broadcast will be conducted. The guest list will include voice actors for various characters. It’s also where in-game plans for the anniversary will be announced.

Meanwhile, the exhibition area will have various attractions for Blue Archive fans. The centerpiece is a massive Peroro display standing 5 meters (about 16.5 feet) tall. Peroro is a bird-like mascot character from the in-game series Momo Friends. Peroro also appears in the game periodically as a boss, growing to kaiju size and attacking the city of Kivotos as “Perorodzilla”.

Besides the big Peroro, the Blue Archive 2nd Anniversary exhibition space will include photo spots, standee panels, and activities for guests. The activities range from a “pop quiz” covering Blue Archive trivia guests can take to win exclusive stickers, to panels recalling main story details, events, and other key points in the game’s history.

Blue Archive is available on iOS and Android. The global edition celebrated its 1st anniversary in November 2022.

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