Street Fighter Masters: Cammy Comic Announced

A new Street Fighter comic is on the way called Street Fighter Masters: Cammy. As the title suggests, Cammy will be the star of this new series. David Lumsdon will write it, while the artist is Alberto Alburquerque. It will show up on March 22, 2023. Udon also already shared its six cover variants.

So far, two characters will take center stage in the story. Cammy is called into action for a new MI6. Her assignment is to deal with Seth. One of the cover variants also shows Juri, suggesting she’ll play a part in the story.

There are six different cover variants for this Cammy comic. Four will be available, while two are only going to be sold by Udon. Genzoman drew the A cover, Alberto Alburquerque did the B one, and the D version is a Chamba Incentive Cover. C is a blank cover for sketches. The A, B, C, and D variants will be available everywhere. A and B will be $4.99, while C will be $5.99. The D option is $20.

As for the two Udon Store variants, those are drawn by Reiq. Cammy’s pose in each is identical, as she’s leaning against an arcade machine. In one, she is in her normal costume. In the other, she is wearing a swimsuit. The standard one of her in her regular outfit, Cover E, costs $20. The other is Cover F and costs $50.

This isn’t the only recent Street Fighter comic focusing on a specific character from the series. Street Fighter Origins: Sagat will be coming out in April 2023.

The first issue of the Street Fighter Masters: Cammy will debut on March 22, 2023.

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