Get a Peek at Trigun Stampede Episode 1

Ahead of the debut of Trigun Stampede episode 1, there’s another clip showcasing the new adaptation of the story. This brief peek offers a look at what people will see in the first episode. Which, as you can expect, means a lot of Vash the Stampede himself.

The teaser for Trigun Stampede episode 1 is quite short, coming in at under a minute and a half. The video begins with Vash the Stampede. It begins with someone telling him “he’s not long for this world.” He then finds he’s out of bullets, right as a hail of weapons are about to rain down near a town. He starts calling for .22 caliber bullets. The video then cuts off right as he gets a single one, leaving it unclear how he may be able to use that to stop the barrage.

In case someone missed it, there have been a number of trailers ahead of launch. Some of them focused on reintroducing familiar faces. For example, a November 2022 PV focused on Legato Bluesummers and Millions Knives. There was also a second official trailer that debuted in December 2022, which you can see below.

Trigun Stampede will be streaming via Crunchyroll starting on January 7, 2023, and episode 1 will be available at 8:30am PT/11:30am ET/5:30pm CET.

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